Allen Ellison is ready to work for a more united Florida. Allen is dedicated to helping the citizens of Florida, not only focusing on helping himself like the current
Florida Senator Marco Rubio.

A Florida native, Florida business owner, father, and husband – Allen knows what’s at stake if politicians like Marco Rubio continue to push their personal agenda, not one that works for the people of Florida. 

Allen Ellison is #UnitedForFlorida and excited to work for the great people of the beautiful state of Florida as your Senator in 2022.

Allen’s mission truly starts with making sure you are registered to vote. Your vote is your voice so make sure to use it! 

Using your vote to vote for policy and politicians that can move Florida forward and do the good work necessary to create jobs, boost the economy, fix infrastructure, and get rid of the useless current politicians is to vote! Voting is the best way to create a system that works for you, the people. 

Check your registration, get registered if you are not, and share this page with your friends, family, and people you know to spread the message to get out and vote! 

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