When a person reaches retirement age, it is a point in time to be honored and embraced. It is a time when one should be traveling, golfing, and enjoying the fruits of one’s labor. It is a time when seniors are ready to live out the rest of their days in peace and in happiness. The last thing that retirees need is a bunch of bureaucrats playing around with their Medicare and retirement benefits. 


Social Security, Medicare, and paid leave programs are important to Seniors, and they are important to Allen. Medicare and Social Security are two cornerstones of American society that grant seniors peace of mind. Allen will not allow Republicans to attempt to privatize Social Security and gut Medicare – he will fight for you and your right to have a dignified retirement. 


Many families are struggling with the exasperating and vexing bureaucracy involved in making sure that seniors get the benefits they deserve. I will fight against efforts to end Social Security & Medicare and I will work to ensure cost burdens on Medicare recipients are stopped.

What does Allen stand for?

  • Protecting Medicare.
  • Will not allow Social Security to be privatized.
  • Create clear paths to dignified retirement.
  • Work hard to create medical and financial security to seniors.

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