The American health care system costs way too much and insurance companies are running the show. Allen believes that health care should be a universal right, not a privilege only for those who can afford it. We must have universal healthcare to give Americans the peace of mind that comes with knowing they have quality health care. Americans should not have to make decisions between putting food on the table and going to the doctor or filling a prescription. Allen stands with progressives for a Medicare for All system – similar to HR 1976 that already has 118 co-sponsors in the House – that will guarantee comprehensive healthcare for every American with choice of any doctor, facility, treatment, etc. at no cost at point of service. Such a system will put money back in the pocket of over 95% of households and put control of healthcare back in the hands of patients and doctors – rather than middlemen. This is not socialism; this is the government doing its part to serve its citizens as the framers of the constitution intended.

What does Allen stand for?

  • Improve long-term health.
  • Advocate for vision, dental and mental health care coverage.
  • Create new sustainable revenue streams to pay for Medicare for All.
  • Find ways to lower health care costs.

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