Proper and quality education empowers future generations to grow and thrive. Allen is dedicated to ensuring the next generation, our children, have access to quality education and the right tools to lead successful, happy, and enriching lives as well as be able to grow up to drive our economy and society forward. 


Every child and their families should have what they need to be successful in school. This includes K-12 and higher education. Higher education should be more accessible and more affordable to more people. An increase in access to higher education and restructuring and expanding college financial aid can do just that. Included in expanding access is a push to make federal programs simpler, more reliable, and more efficient. A smarter generation of college students means a better workforce and a better economy.


The Global market continues to become more competitive and Allen wants to support children in Florida and the United States to have access to quality and affordable K-12 and higher education. We must prepare the next generation for success in the workforce.

What does Allen stand for?

  • Access to high quality public education in K-12.
  • Continuity in legislature like the Elementary and Secondary Education Act.
  • Support to teachers and educators and their school staff to be able to provide a safe and healthy environment for their learners.
  • Advocate for higher education learners and ways to make higher ed more accessible for more people 18+.

Help Us Bring the Change We Need

Donate to help us work for a state that cares for our elders and neighbors and provides a safe, healthy and prosperous community for all of us.

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