People with Disabilities

Of the 61 million Americans living in the United States with a disability, there are 2.6 million Floridians living with a disability. While some leaders are trying to reduce monthly benefits, many people are being denied benefits year after year.

No one should face discrimination based on disability status. Allen will work tirelessly to advocate on behalf of peoples with disabilities under things like the legislature, support and advocacy organizations, and rehabilitation services. We have come a long way, but there is still more to be done. 

This is unacceptable – American’s with Disabilities are citizens just as much as the next person and deserve to be treated with dignity. No person with disabilities should be denied access to participation in our workforce and the ability to access an independent life. We need positive change on this issue. Allen will work to increase disability benefits and fight to reduce the rate of denied cases. Allen will also work to continue and advocate for legislator including increasing enforcement of the ADA, increasing inclusion in schools for those with disabilities, increasing support and financial resources for independent living programs, and advocating to increase job training and workforce accessibility programs.

What does Allen stand for?

  • Advocating for Americans with disabilities through legislature, support, and advocacy.
  • Ending discrimination on Americans with disabilities.
  • Creating a path to increase participation in our workforce and accessibility to an independent life.
  • Fighting to stop Americans from being denied benefits after board certified physicians have already determined eligibility. 

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