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Allen will not stand by and watch families be torn apart — Allen will stand up with members in Congress and in states and cities across the country are already standing up personal bias, hatred and bigotry to defend their immigrant neighbors.

Allen believes that hundreds of thousands of DREAMERs should receive a permanent status that allows them to continue studying, working, paying taxes, and contributing to the communities that they call home.

Allen will continue to work toward comprehensive immigration reform that fixes our nation’s broken immigration system, improves border security, prioritizes enforcement so we are targeting criminals – not families, keeps families together, and strengthens our economy.

Allen knows the importance of our country’s history as a nation of immigrants. We honor our fundamental values by treating all people who come to the United States with dignity and respect, and we always seek to embrace — not to attack — immigrants.

Allen believes in the idea that we would do better as a nation building bridges instead of walls.