Americans with Disabilities

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There are 61 million Americans who are disabled and 4.5 million in Florida. In Florida’s 23rd Congressional District, which covers parts of Broward and Palm Beach Counties, the percentage of people living with disabilities are above the national average.

Often, administrators deny or delay benefits, sometimes for years to those who are deemed disabled, adding mental and emotional anguish to people’s physical pain as they try to make ends meet. This is not right and I pledge to get this fixed in Congress.

Leaders in Washington are threatening to take away funding that aid in the care of people that were born disabled and for those who have and or will become disabled. This isn’t a partisan issue. It’s an American issue. A disability can affect anyone at any time and we can no longer afford to have this issue continue to go unnoticed and unchallenged.

The disabilities issue needs our attention and disabled Americans need a champion. I am that champion. We have made this issue a priority in our campaign. I am the only candidate in my race with a plan to improve the quality of life for disabled Americans by raising disability benefits and ending the denial process. I am running for Congress so that together, we can find solutions for a new path forward.