We need your help to #UnseatRubio.

Marco Rubio has a long history of only doing things that align with his personal agenda, NOT an agenda that helps Floridians and our state. He’s got to go!

When we work hard enough, when we turn out every vote, when we register millions of voters, when we come together we won’t be divided over nonsense and can work for a better Florida and a better America.

Without the right leadership, we are just the States of America.

Allen is the right leadership we need in the Senate – he knows what’s at stake in Florida and that the people of Florida haven’t seen any good come from anything Marco Rubio has done. 

Chip in now to create a New Path Forward – one where Senator Allen Ellison works for the people of Florida.

Allen believes in protecting Social Security, Medicare for All, increasing disability benefits, fighting for the rights of women, ending veteran suicide, making improvements to infrastrcture & education, reforming the criminal justice system, & green solutions to help our environment and to create jobs. 

If Marco Rubio hasn’t done anything to help you, donate to ensure Allen Ellison becomes Florida’s Senator in 2022. We can’t do this without you!

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