Guernica Williams
For Immediate Release on Friday, August 6, 2021
Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Allen Ellison issued this statement on Gov. Ron DeSantis and his actions in the face of rising Covid-19 cases in the state:
“Last week, more than 110,000 people were infected with Covid-19 and 108 people died according to the Florida Department of Health. More than 39,000 Floridians have died since the outbreak. Over the last five weeks, the pandemic has exploded in our state and Gov. DeSantis and Sen. Rubio have failed to respond adequately.
“DeSantis has consistently opposed mask mandates that would help curb transmission of the delta variant. He has countermanded such decisions by local governments, school districts and businesses that are trying to reduce transmission and deaths. 
“Rather than show compassion, honesty and leadership, DeSantis and Rubio have acted with defiance and arrogance, downplaying and delaying important decisions and actions that could have lessened the spread of the coronavirus. They have snubbed and derided experts. In short, they are not leading us through this crisis as true leadership would.
“Floridians are suffering and our health system is being overwhelmed once again. I urge all to wear masks and social distance. Also, I encourage vaccinations to limit the impact of the virus, if contracted. 
“Together, we can overcome this crisis by listening to our public health experts.”