Allen Ellison has launched a nationwide campaign to end veteran suicides. “They have given so much and many have made the ultimate sacrifice. It is sad when our men and women come home after many tour duties to not have the respect, resources and care that they deserve. We can do better!” stated Allen Ellison, Candidate for US Senate, Florida. Roughly 18 to 22 military veterans a day commit suicide. The causes for this tragedy are typically depression fueled by the reaction to PTSD, survivor’s guilt, or low self-esteem due to unpreparedness for civilian life. It is our mission to push for a bill that will put in place changes to the existing military discharge process that would eliminate or at the minimum reduce these events. The changes require two additions to the existing discharge process. One, to put in place a PTSD/survivor’s guilt, suitability for civilian life screening step in the discharge process. Two, if the result of the screening is that there is or may be a problem, to require a treatment step of at least 12 weeks before discharge. In addition to the normal physical examination that occurs during the military discharge process, we urge that an additional step be added that screens for the possibility of PTSD, survivor’s guilt, and unpreparedness for civilian life afflictions. Please sign our petition.

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