We are at war with a biological weapon, known as Covid-19 (Coronavirus). This virus is ripping throughout the global society. During this pandemic, doctors, nurses and other medical staff are being forced to work and do overtime, up to 18 hours a day. To date, there have been more than 13 million confirmed cases of Coronavirus with 270,000 deaths.

Each day, healthcare workers are receiving an average of 2000 new cases. From dealing with the day-to-day struggles and stressors of worrying about acquiring and transmitting the infection to their loved ones, in the setting of a system that does not place the protection of these workers at a top priority. They are using makeshift supplies, in the form of cloth masks and garbage bags as PPE, which are not NIOSH certified.

Those on the frontlines are lacking the PPE that they not only need, but require to safely care for those affected by this virus and to protect those on the frontlines from being exposed and affected in the process.

Many hospitals do not have the necessary supplies, such as isolation gowns or N95 masks for the protection of medical professionals. Through blood, sweat, and tears medical workers are fighting to protect this country everyday, at the expense of their own safety, time with families, physical strain on their bodies and mental, as well as emotional abuse from healthcare management.

We are demanding hazard pay for healthcare workers working during the Coronavirus pandemic, considering they are essential during this period and should be paid for it. This is unlike anything that we have seen in modern history. The current administration and State leaders have failed to keep the public safe.

The CDC is being forced to relax its guidelines on this issue, and men and women on the frontlines of this biological war are not being taken seriously nor given the personal protective equipment (PPE) they deserve. This is why we need you to sign this petition, join the fight during this crisis and help us build a coalition that is unified on this issue. This is the right thing to do given the costs. This is how we chart a new path forward.

Please sign our petition https://www.change.org/p/congress-hazard-pay-for-medical-workers-exposed-to-covid-19

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