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MIAMI – April 27, 2021 – United States Senate (Florida) candidate Allen Ellison will hold
a virtual Town Hall discussion.

Each Month, Allen Ellison will host a virtual discussion on social media platforms to safely
engage with voters on various topics relevant to the state of Florida and the nation.
This Tuesday, Ellison will discuss the millions of Americans and Floridians living with
disabilities featuring the President of the Florida Democratic Disability Caucus, Karen

One in four identify as having a disability in the state of Florida. Republican leadership in
the state has failed to provide adequate care and protect those living with disabilities. The
state is currently ranked 50th in home and community-based services and 46th in
long-term support and services, which severely impacts the elderly in nursing homes. Over
eighty percent of Covid-19 deaths have been in nursing homes.

“Real leadership begins with strengthening the most vulnerable communities among us. We
must provide adequate health care, jobs and education to support individuals living with
disabilities. There is much work to be done for our nation and the great state of Florida,”
Ellison stated.

The meeting will begin at 7pm EST via Zoom.

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