Allen’s Vision

My vision for our future is centered around improving the quality of life for all citizens. This means protecting social security, healthcare, the rights of women, veterans care, increasing disability benefits, increasing gun safety, making improvements to infrastructure and our educational system. It means creating good paying jobs, sustainable agricultural development and green solutions for a stronger, cleaner and safer environment for everyone to enjoy. It means bringing families back together and healing the social divide while moving beyond this pandemic. What we need is a new, comprehensive American Prosperity Plan that lifts everyday people up. In this race to become Florida’s newest voice in Washington, I would like my constituents to know that I am the strongest candidate on protecting the environment, the only candidate with a plan to improve the quality of life for all American citizens, and the only candidate that cares about increasing benefits for seniors and people living with disabilities. I’m asking for your support. Please join us as we chart a new path forward together.

Allen’s Priorities
Allen’s priorities are a reflection of the needs of Florida’s 23rd Congressional District.

Gun Safety

Our country currently stands at a crucial crossroads for gun safety–I’ve seen the horrors myself, and I know that my fellow Americans are calling for change amidst this year’s tragedies. If elected, I will fight for pragmatic yet comprehensive gun legislation to keep our nation safe.

Thriving Wage

Everyone in the country deserves the opportunity to have life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness; to ensure that, I must fight for livable and reasonable wages. No one should have to work multiple jobs and unmanageable hours just to be underpaid for their valiant efforts.

Universal Healthcare

While the ACA was a good start, a completely single-payer system is necessary for equitable and fair healthcare treatment. It’s imperative that we end unreasonable insurance rates, stop for-profit middlemen that get between you and your doctor, and spend less time on billing and more time on treatment. No one should have to take out a second mortgage for a hospital visit.  


The American home is fundamental to the American dream. The fight for affordable housing is vital for keeping roofs over heads and people off the streets.

Living With Disabilities

Americans with disabilities are underrepresented, undervalued, and neglected  by our country’s bureaucratic systems. I will fight to ensure both a heightened standard of living and a better opportunity to participate in the workforce for any disabled American.  

Universal Basic Income

I believe that Universal Basic Income has been empirically represented as an effective motivator for participation in our economy, and can also comprehensively mitigate the effects of economic inequality and mass unemployment.

Gender Equality

Gender issues and biases against women continue to be a pervasive battleground in the United States. No matter where the fight must take place, I will advocate for women to ensure an end to gender discrimination, institutional neglect, and cultural violence.

Social Security

Millions of Americans rely on Social Security, and I intend to fight to protect the promises made by its social contract with the American people. Senior citizens must be protected from bureaucratic tampering with the product of their lifelong hard work.

This Election

All that we hold dear is on the ballot this year. We must vote like our lives depend on it.

Deadline to Register: July 25th

Primary Election: August 23rd

Youth Power
Young people are America’s future and we are interested in building a brighter one with their involvement.
Change Agents
Allen believes that we can make a difference in the lives of people today. Our volunteers are change agents.
Lourin Hubbard
Former Congressional Candidate CA-22
I am so thrilled to endorse my friend Allen Ellison for Florida’s 23rd Congressional District. Allen has shown a deep commitment to social and environmental justice. He also recognizes the need to address these injustices with bold policies and find ways to build a fairer, more sustainable future for everyone. I strongly urge voters in Florida’s 23rd to support Allen Ellison.
Dr. Cindy Banyai
Congressional Nominee FL-19
Allen is a Florida son and his commitment to the people never ends. His inspirational vision is what we need in congress.
Albert A. Fox, Jr.
Former US Senate Candidate, Florida
I got to know Allen well over the last 15 months as I campaigned in a democratic primary for the US Senate.
Allen wants to be a public servant to teach and listen to Floridians–a rare quality in public servants today. Equally important, the leadership he shows regarding the divisive issues of the day–health care, Social Security, environment, immigration, veterans care, civil rights, the economy, job creation and a “woman’s right to choose” are to be admired.
Joshua Weil
Former US Senate Candidate, Florida
One of the most frustrating things about running against Allen Ellison was how regularly I found myself in agreement with him. Knowing that he will fight the battles I expect my Congressperson to fight makes it incredibly easy to give him my endorsement in the race for Florida’s 23rd Congressional Seat.
Democratic Disability Caucus of Florida
The Florida Democratic Disability Caucus mission is to provide a voice and organize individuals with disabilities across the state and work with our allies within the Florida Democratic Party to ensure that all activities and venues are accessible and to educate the Democrats about the issues impacting individuals with disabilities.
Building Bridges For America
Nationwide volunteer organization supporting local grassroots organizers, local Democratic candidates, and progressive causes across the country.
Palm Beach County Black Caucus
The Palm Beach County Black Caucus is the voice for all Black people of the African diaspora and vulnerable communities.
Roadmap for Progress
Group with a mission to promote fairness, boldness, & unity in politics by helping to elect a diverse field of progressives.
Mike Harvey
Democratic Nominee for Florida State Senate District 23
I am honored to endorse Allen Ellison for US Congress to represent Florida’s 23rd Congressional District. He has shown a deep understanding of the issues and an unwavering commitment to enact federal legislation against inequities in healthcare, criminal justice, and education.
Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow
The work that we do today can make a positive impact on the world tomorrow.